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Jennifer Lopez She turned 54 on July 24, 2023, but time has really stopped for her. It’s a golden age for her, between a newfound love with Ben Affleck – even if it’s still in crisis – and a job that’s thriving. On Instagram, the diva is a real inspiration: between bikini and swimsuits, she has captured our attention. What about underwear? We specify: and in the Italian linen? Breathtaking.

Jennifer Lopez chooses Italian lingerie: Instagram photo

Jennifer Lopez is always beautiful, but in italian lingerie A bit more. After all, she is the global brand ambassador for Intimissimi: one timeless diva, an artist who managed to enter the heart of everyone. From apprenticeship to today, years have passed, as have songs and films, or even unforgettable dances.

After a series of bikini shots (although the pink swimsuit blew us away), we already know that J Lo is an icon of the feminine. And on Instagram, no less: makeup in bronze shades, especially suited to her complexion, super elegant blue lingerie. “Happy Monday, I hope you all have a happy week,” he wrote in the accompanying post, showing off his perfect smile, his most beautiful “accessory.”

Jennifer Lopez, how does she keep fit? Beauty secrets

She spent her birthday in unbridled luxury, dancing on tables and wearing super-elegant outfits. J. Lo blew out 54 candles in the garden of the house in the presence of friends and family, as well as her significant other Ben Affleck, whom she married in 2022. Twenty years after their first engagementJ. Lo and Affleck got back together to never part again.

Her dresses are gorgeous, like a long sequined silver dress, but here’s the question: how do you keep in such good shape? Jennifer Lopez actually has a lot of beauty secrets and, of course, genetics plays an important role, but in fact, “dressing” her shoes is not so easy. Also, because his super toned physique is the result of military style training.

His personal trainer David Kirschwhich American Vogue showed: “From exercise to diet, stress and the people you surround yourself with, it all affects your fitness.” Of course, there is a place for relaxation and love, but you can’t skip training. Also because he is physically active for an hour up to five days a week. Various exercises such as squats, sumo style, squats, jump rope and more.

To be J.Lo, however, maximum attention is also to the diet. TO People, Tracey Andersonher trainer (she boasts the whole team devoted themselves to taking care of her beauty), explained that the diva brings to her table only the highest quality products, lots of protein, healthy fats, and everything is inevitably organic. “However, once a week he eats cookies with chocolate chips. There is a “small” weakness in the face of so much effort. But in the end for being J.Lo, also, should have a will of steel.

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