Jennifer Lopez is crying is sad, I Am Carmine


Jennifer Lopez cries a brokenhearted. A few weeks ago died in a plane crash that left him with no life Kobe Bryant and one of the daughters of the famous actress and singer and show his pain in front of the camera.

A few weeks ago, when we made known to us in the regrettable event, the well-known singer has dedicated a few words to the family of the Kobe Bryant by demonstrating your care, concern, and compassion.

The publication could be read as follows: “The thing that’s most unfair of life, the loss of a child and a husband on the same day. Vanessa, I am praying for your strength and that God will lead you and guide you through each step of the way through this disaffection unheard of”.

This paper is a brief snippet of the publishing of the account-the official Instagram of the J. Lothe stunning actress shared a photo of the family Kobe Bryanteven though we would like to introduce.

As in the case of Jennifer Lopez a number of well-known, published his memoirs, with Kobe Bryant getting to the hearts of thousands of fans who were just as impressed with such an unfortunate piece of news.

After a few weeks of the event Jennifer Lopez he presented himself, accompanied by Alex Rodriguez’s tribute Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna at the Staples Center and have not been able to contain the tears, the photo was posted to the account on the Instagram of the famous program “A New Day.”