Jennifer Lopez is out of everything! in order to make this barbecue in his house: is the Photo bomb!


27th of February 2020
(At 16:10 (CET)

It is very likely that you will see in the following Jennifer Lopez it is a dream in more ways than one, and the fact is that, the diva from New York, he did an unusual photo shoot in which it appears, making a barbecue with a bathtub.

The american singer appears with her sexiest, in an image that will stay in the eye of many of those who see it.

And the fact is that, this way if it was Jennifer Lopez, for her interview with Oprah, which will be up on Thursday. The interview is expected to devastating effect.

You are in for a good time

Jennifer Lopez is back to her peak of popularity in the whole of his career in the movie Estafadoras on Wall Street, and their appearance in the intermediate of the Super Bowl to the side of the colombian Video.

After 50 it seems that an artist from new york who are now living a new youth, who is on his way back to a point of reference for all of the female singers in these times.

For something family-friendly

The diva from the Bronx, you’re in for a great time, but in his art it seems that there is something genetic. And the fact is that, in your family, there is a lot of talent, as you can see it in their sisters.

Leslie, the eldest sister, is an opera singer, and Lynda’s younger sister, is a DJ as well. So it was more than obvious that the song was going to be on Jennifer Lopez.