Jennifer Lopez is showing that, even without the dress, the hair, it looks lovely


We live in a time where the beauty of natural it weighs more than a make-up overloaded, and false eyelashes. And, even though they wikipedia the beauty they continue to be valid in the networks of socialtoday’s play of the truly beautiful and look at the most deshinibida in social media, there seems to be a tendency for the boost and the famous you are applying to.

First, we have seen the Demi Lovato when you pose without a make-upalso Salma Hayek show your skin natural the the beach and now, what we’re seeing with the singer and actress Jennifer Lopezwhich, by the way, is already preparing material to record, and new music. It is through social networks that the interpreter of “Jenny from the Block“you shared an intimate moment with her friend Steve Mackey while composing and practicing the music.

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In the picture you can see a J. Lo’s. Completely different from what we’re familiar with, with no trace of the make-upwith curly hair up to the shoulder, and with a sports outfit. It is not uncommon to see her wear leggings or sportwear, however, that they did to render just meant that what I was looking for was a comfort. With respect to the hairstyleJ. O. said it with a style messyby making clear that it does not matter when you have to leave the rest of our hair once in a while.


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He combined the look with a great arracadas, which reminded us of the late nineties and, if that wasn’t enough, a o-ring and it’s a the elastic band the doll you gave so much as a hint of the informality and closeness to the one who does it. Without a doubt, the point that prendimos now, it doesn’t matter where we go, we need to be as comfortable as possible and if that means using pants and in sportswear, we’re going to do it doesn’t matter who.

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