Jennifer Lopez Italian Vacation: Everything We Know

Jennifer Lopez sing, eat and rest. Where? Between Capri and the Amalfi Coast. The singer and actress returned to Italy for the holidays, continuing to showcase her passion for the island of Campania. JLo, who is not accompanied by her husband on this trip Ben Affleckmissed nothing: lunch at a restaurant, evening at Tavern Anema and Core and shopping on the streets of Capri.

These are not stolen photos of Jennifer Lopez’s Italian vacation. She herself posts lunch at a beach restaurant and says spaghetti and ravioli during meals. And there are also videos of the evening in the Anema e Core tavern, in which he sings will survive Gloria Gaynor and her Let’s get noisy. In a mini dress with silver sequinsJennifer Lopez spent the evening with friends and colleagues and sang to the accompaniment of her personalized tambourine, after listening to a medley of Neapolitan songs by Gianluigi Lembo and Anema with the Core Band.

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Fans were as delighted as those who followed her on a day of shopping on Via Camerelle, the island’s designer label street. On Capri, he stayed one night at the Grand Hotel Quisisana.along with a group of employees, manager and vocalist Steve McKee. Before heading to the Anema e Core tavern, he had lunch at the Aurora restaurant.

Not only Capri among JLo destinations. On his profile, he posted a relaxing shot in Nerano and the Amalfi Coast region. “Back in your element”“I’m in my element,” he wrote alongside a video promoting his aperitif. Where is it done? On a boat ready to take you to the most beautiful places in Campania.

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