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Jennifer Lopez (Joaquín Reyes) values ​​the looks of the MET Gala: “Rihanna was like a badly tied black pudding”

Before bringing Jennifer Lopez to the set, we spoke with Joaquín Reyes from the novel you just published, High. “There were better and worse moments, they were four years, but in confinement he gave me to finish it,” explains the comedian, who narrates the adventures and misadventures of a comedian from La Mancha.

“I wanted what happened to the character to matter,” explains Joaquín Reyes, who took into account the criteria of the mother of his children. “My wife read it and she liked it, it was the litmus test because water doesn’t dance for me, is very sincere, “he assures.

The truth is that Jennifer Lopez has recovered an old love of youth. Ben Affleck and the singer have walked their love for the Venezia Festival while half the world sighs for being half as glamorous as they are. “Having underground tunnels, why are the ugly on the surface”, wonders the star, who assures that he has ugly friends “because they are the most faithful.” “An ugly friend is for life”, he asserts.

For the MET Gala Jennifer Lopez opted for a cowgirl look that took 200 hours to make. “It’s twelve days, you are very silly,” exclaims the artist, who considers that Rihanna I was going “like a badly tied black pudding”.

“Rosalía was doing very well, we discussed itThere were no giggles at the low end and that which I love to criticize, “says J.Lo, who remembered the classic upholsterer of the towns when he saw Kim Kardashian.” It gave me a scare, “he says.

You can see Joaquín Reyes at minute 34:

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