Jennifer Lopez leaves the gym, taking tennis By.


Jennifer Lopez you know that when it comes to going to the gym is not just a matter of doing the exercise, and take care of it, it is also about making a ‘statement’ of style. It is not surprising that he taught us how to make a trend of athleisure over the past few months.

The role of the Hustlers, was seen coming out of high school, with some of the leggings with camouflage in the military, and a t-shirt in white, which combined with some of the ugly sneakerssomething that we thought was disappearing.

Jennifer Lopez in ‘Hustlers’

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According to Jennifer Lopez, which leads to the ugly sneakers

It’s not new to say that the sneakers have gained a new kind of value in the locker room. What once was considered a shoe in to make the year, and has taken over from the ‘street style’ in a manner such that it is not uncommon to see celebrities at important events in tennis, or the big fashion houses have their own versions of it.

Is the classic cut that you know of brands such as Adidas, Nike or Reebok, but it is also such brands as Gucci and Saint Laurent, created her own version for her looks with her. Some of you have called particular attention to it since it came on the market, they are the ugly, sneakers by Balenciagathat has been replicated by a number of companies and now brings Jennifer Lopez, in a similar fashion.

Jennifer Lopez leaving a gym in Miami, which is leading to some ping-pong Alexander Mcqueen

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The ugly sneakers it takes on the color of white and the detail is in the color nude for both sides and the back are perfect for matching with the outfit, which she takes, but with all of the things in your closet.

This kind of footwear is ideal for you to take it with leggings. Jennifer Lopez it shows that it is a ‘woman,’ and you could be the perfect fit, especially if the tones match up to each other.

Jennifer Lopez by taking ‘an ugly sneaker’ to get out of the gym

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The other way is to bring them up with jeans and a classic white t-shirt. If you have a casual meeting with your friends, then you can portarlos with a pleated skirt in a nude colored green-and-white, and a shirt in some shade of neutral.

This is not the first time you see it Jennifer Lopez get out of the gym with the tennis-inspired Couture in advance he was seen leaving the gym wearing a white certificate, signed by Alexander McQueenshowing that the shoes from the brand, maybe they are more versatile than we thought.

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