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Jennifer Lopez makes her first fashion mistake | News from Mexico

VENICE ITALY.- The Latin Jennifer Lopez It has always distinguished itself as it passes through the main red carpets in the world for its good taste, size and elegance, but in its last collaboration with the international design house Dolce and Gabbana he made what could be considered his first design mistake.

As a fashion mistake it has been considered something that he overlooked in the images published on his profile of Instagram, where the cape appears still with its sale label and showing the price of the garment.

It is still unknown if it was accidental to leave the price tag on one of his most monumental looks of the year (and possibly his entire career) with which he caused a furor at the fashion show. High fashion organized by Dolce and Gabbana on Venice.

The viral set

The look went viral and a topic of conversation among the followers of the “Bronx Diva“, a three-piece set consisting of a bra with rhinestones and crystals, trousers with metallic floral details from spring 2018, and the star garment: an emerald cape with brocade from the fall 2019 collection.

The singer complemented her outfit with a bag and high heel sandals from the Italian firm … a combination to which she gave a very fashionable twist. Haute Couture.

“Venice was all glamor last night. Dolce and Gabbana it was just magical, “he commented Jennifer on Instagram where he uploaded every detail of this look created by his stylist Rob zangardi and that he not only conquered his heart, but also that of his most fashionista fans, by winning millions of ‘I like it‘as well as endless compliments for the drama, luxury, elegance and theatricality that he impressed on this set.

The mod bugto

The curious? It is that hours after the show in which other celebrities were also like Helen Mirren, Vin Diesel, Kourtney Kardashian or Heidi klum, some photos of JLo getting into a Venetian taxi they went viral in a matter of seconds by showing the supposed fashion mistake he made: leaving the price tag on his stylish cape.

In one of the photos taken by the paparazzi you can see this detail that hung with a black thread on the inside of the emerald piece, on the left side.

In a close-up of this image you can see the name of the firm Dolce and Gabbana, an orange circle and what appears to be barcodes, a ‘glitch’ that sparked endless jokes and even memes.

“I knew JLo was like us!”, “JLo and the look looked beautiful even though the price tag was there,” read another.

The reaction of the followers

The truth is that more than one of the singer’s fans came to her defense, arguing that this was not her mistake, but her team of stylists, who are the ones who choose each of the pieces for their events and shows. One in particular confessed that this detail was not a price tag, but a code to identify the tests that are destined for the famous ones.

“First of all they have not seen a price tag of Dolce and Gabbana, because you would know that’s not it. It is an identity number of the provider that they see in their tests. Second, it is not the responsibility of Jlo to look for labels, it is her stylist who prepares the clothes for her “, it could be read in Twitter.

Also, at many of these events, the clothing is on loan from the designers or the firm for the occasion. What a lot of stylists tend to do is hide those registration tags … without this meaning they are going to return it, as other jokes about the look have shown.

On this note

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