Jennifer Lopez new casual flannel look

lat the beginning of summer? This is the most democratic hair accessory, as it looks Jennifer Lopez to your favorite gym. Unexpectedly tousled but never cool, relaxed and radiant. The beginning of a new era?

Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez is disheveled but always cool

White sweatshirt, patterned leggings, Birkin bag. J Lo after leaving the gym Study of the Tracey Anderson Method Los Angeles has a chic and precious sporty look. A millionaire star outfit that takes it up a notch in a modern ensemble thanks toeasy hairstyle: harvested foliage and very disheveled – but voluminous in the right place – withhair accessory the most democratic ever.

Flannel for keeping wet hair in order

Just days before her 54th birthday, the star Let’s get noisy she shines despite her epic sea training. Even if, as her personal trainer says, “She knows her body very well and tries very hard not to overtrain it.” But the detail that first surprises the paparazzi, and then the fans, is the hairstyle, usually flawless and very disciplined, and now unexpectedly messy. But always with style.

J. Lo’s hair looks after leaving the gym on July 12, 2023 in Los Angeles.

long hair in dark brown color it is assembled at the back of the head with a simple plastic flannel. Thus, Honey and Cinnamon Color Tips become the main characters by adding volume and color to her fringe for curtains.

A hair accessory that you can always carry with you in your bag.

So the trend is on. After the introduction of multicolored soft fabric hair ties, the new beauty buzzword of 2023 is flannel (or claw clips in English), beloved by supermodels such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber. However, they usually wear it in other, more classic ways.

Comfortable, light, economical and above all, multitasking. Flannel is also used as a pre-collection comb to tame unruly strands and clumps.

Also it can be used vanishing as a tool for creating scenographic collected hairstyles like a voluminous chignon, developing horizontally. Or instantly create elegant and light puffy semi-hairstyles.


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