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Jennifer Lopez remembers rogue message she sent to Leonardo DiCaprio [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lopez a while back sat in the co-driver’s seat led by host James Corden for his “The Late Late Show” Carpool Karaoke show, where they played a prank on Leonardo Di Caprio.

While the British actor and presenter was driving he asked the Latin music diva if among his phone contacts he had some celebrities, to which Marc Anthony’s ex claimed to have the numbers of Iggy Azalea, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bradley Cooper, Demi Lovato, Chris Brown, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Fergie.

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But without a doubt one of the most striking moments of the interview was the text message corden sent from the singer’s cell phone to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Corden sent a message a rogue and for some racy and, even though Jennifer Lopez asked the new Oscar winner not to do it, the Titanic actor responded believing that he had actually written lopez to him.

“Hey baby, I feel like I need to go out and relax a little bit. Any suggestions? Tell me. J.Lo, you know, from the block“, corden wrote.

And, to the surprise of both, DiCaprio replied: “Do you mean tonight boo boo? To go to a nightclub?“.

When asked why the quoted actor called “boo” of affection, Jennifer Lopez could not explain it either. “I guess he calls all the girls ‘boo boo’. I don’t know,” he said.

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