Jennifer López Separates From Alex Rodríguez and Emme Appears Crying in Marc Anthony’s Arms

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony comfort little Emme.

Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez broke upThis is the news that is going around the world. And it is that everything seems to indicate that the end came today. For this reason, JLo keeps one more engagement ring in her personal collection. At the same time, that information was spreading like wildfire all over the Internet, others also noticed that in Marc Anthony’s Instagram stories there was an image of him comforting his daughter Emme, who was leaning on his shoulder in tears. 

Jennifer López also appears in the photograph, with whom both apparently had a conversation. “When they are sad, but mommy and daddy are there,” wrote Marc Anthony to accompany the publication. No one knows if the reason for Emme’s crying is due to the end of JLo’s relationship with Arod, and that is because it is no secret to anyone, that in recent years the couple managed to create a family and a safe environment for both Max and Emme. , as for the daughters of Alex Rodríguez as well.

Jennifer López for her part remains silent without giving any statements about it. Neither she nor Arod has taken to social media to confirm or deny the separation. But everything seems to indicate that this time it is true and that there will no longer be a wedding. There are those who point to Madison LeCroy as responsible for this separation. Since a month ago she was singled out as the woman with whom Alex was being unfaithful to Jennifer Lopez.