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Jennifer Lopez shows her natural hair and says goodbye to extensions

It seems that the trends for this fall 2021 in terms of hair arrive in their most extreme version. On the one hand, we do not stop seeing XXL manes (Possibly the rise of the boho style and the aesthetics of the 70s has a lot to do with this fashion). Y, on the other side, are the haircuts on the shoulder, ode to the 90s that Gen Z failed to honor and use for inspiration. Some celebrities, such as Kourtney Kardashian and her new bob cut, have chosen to snip their renowned hair and join this trend. Others, like one of our favorite singers, instead of going through the scissors they have preferred to say goodbye to their extensions (at least for the moment) and show us her natural half hair. We are talking about Jennifer Lopez. The singer has shared on her Instagram account ‘J.Lo beauty’, the business profile of her own cosmetic line (a line that the ‘celebrity’ launched a few months ago as other celebrities such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian …) a photograph without its usual extensions.

Jennifer Lopez says goodbye to her extensions

On this account, we have seen un ‘selfie’ of J.Lo very natural without its extensions to which we were used to lately, showing her naturally wavy hair and showing off its shine. In any case, the singer is one of those personalities who innovates with her hair and does not stop changing her ‘look’. The best of all? Which is always favored. She is a source of inspiration. PIt may be that this fall Jennifer Lopez will opt for this fashion of the half hair that already caused a sensation in the 90s, and that will be a rival of the XXL hair this season. Is about a classic, natural and carefree haircut. Straight and without layers, slightly wavy with the parting in the middle. ANDThis hairstyle is already beginning to be seen and we are sure it will be one of the favorites of the season, especially for girls with very fine hair, because it adds volume and visually thickens the ends.

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