Jennifer Lopez sings in the car with Ben Affleck: a sweet tribute to love on her husband’s birthday

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What did Jennifer Lopez do for her husband’s birthday? – (

For Ben Affleck’s birthday, his wife Jennifer Lopez prepared a crazy surprise to say the least: what did he do?

The couple, written by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, is undoubtedly one of the most talked about couples ever. Despite rumors of a breakup and alleged crises, the two spouses are as united as ever. Against, On the occasion of the birthday of the famous Hollywood actor, his wife Jay Lo prepared a surprise amazing for him. What is it about?

In Hollywood, all we do is talk about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who are back together after a long break. In fact, after dating in their youth, the two stars went their separate ways, building families of their own accordingly. But a few years later, their love was far from gone, so much so that they got married just over a year ago..

Over the past year, there have been rumors about alleged crises, breakups and many other gossips, which, however, have not found any basis. Gossip about Hollywood’s most talked about cup collided with the love and passion of an actor and singer. Recently Affleck blew out 51 candles, and on this occasion, his wife J. Lo, of course, did not refuse to give him a gift with all the decorations..

Jennifer Lopez gift to Ben Affleck liberates fans

The famous singer made a public surprise for her husband and chose social networks for this. Own on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram profile, one of the most popular of all time, the artist shared a video in which she is seen as the main character along with her husband Ben Affleck. In the video, they are in the car, and while the actor is driving, his wife records everything on her smartphone.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck fall more and more in love – photo by Ans (

In the video, you can see the two singing happily and carelessly. On the occasion of the birthday of the famous actor, who turned 51 on August 15 last year, the American singer wanted to dedicate her most sincere wishes to him. “Dear Ben– wrote Lopez in English in the caption to the video in social networks, –Happy birthday”. “I love you”– gently added the singer.

Married since last April, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been engaged since 2021. The two Hollywood stars have had relationships in the past that ended in the worst possible way. After meeting and falling in love on the set extreme lovethey were supposed to get married in 2004. Unfortunately, however, the wedding is skipped very soon after the scheduled date.

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