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JayJennifer Lopez She has the air of someone who’s deserving, and more than anything, she’s been thinking about it for a while. And if anything, it’s up to him to prove he’s up to the situation. All concentrated in a smile that’s too perfect to be true, but also professional enough to seem so. Last December, the forty-one-year-old Puerto Rican-American singer and actress became the new brand ambassador for L’Oréal, the French cosmetics company that has been building up her testimonials for years:
“because I’m worth it.” In short, a great option.

But that’s not their only commitment for 2011, which promises to be the year of the relaunch. Over the past few weeks, Jennifer Lopez has also added television personality roles to her resume by being part of a talent show.
American Idol, format similar to our X Factor: young (especially, but not only) promising singers in the competition, three judges who have the task of helping the best to advance and improve with their advice. A wonderful opportunity that came at a difficult time in his career. his film last year hello i’m kinda pregnant went well but not very well, while the previous one, singer2006 was a disaster. Meanwhile, his new album, announced in 2010, is embroiled in a change of record company. It should finally come out this year, taking advantage of the push from American Idol. Personal life is much better. third marriage with singer Marc Anthony Six years later it shows no cracks and just three years ago, their union produced twins: a girl, Emme, and a boy, Max, officially conceived without the need for any help from science. The only problem, if anything, is the one she’s having with her first husband, Ojani Noa. After trying to publish a book about their marriage – an attempt that was blocked in court by Jadalla Lopez – Now Noa “threatens” to release a documentary with a somewhat incriminating video, which was shot at the time I went
of their meeting.

Jennifer Lopez walks back into the room, sits down, asks for a lemon-flavored mineral water, and gazes at me softly with her fish-shaped eyes framed by very long lashes. I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to talk without stopping to smile.

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Shall we start with American Idol?
“I love working on this show. It is now an institution of sorts (this year it celebrates its tenth season, ed.). I consider myself lucky, and I’m glad that I can offer my experience in music to help someone else. Cause that’s what I do
The other two judges of the show, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler: We are not there just to pass or fail, but above all to help the contestants, to help them become better as artists ».

And who helped you at the beginning of your career?
“To oh, so many people: my dance teachers, agents, managers. I asked everyone: “How can I get better at this?”. It didn’t matter whether it was singing, acting, or interviewing. doing. But until I met the man who would later become my husband, there was no other artist to recommend me. Mark started his career very young, he was twenty years older than me. Have been in music since. Nothing better than another artist with more experience-
power to improve. I feel I have grown a lot because of him.”

On the music front, his new album should finally be out this year.
“Yeah, we’re running out of it these days. There is no exact release date yet. I worked on it for two years, I wanted to do the right thing without rushing».

It’s called love?, that’s right, with the question mark at the end. And the reason, so I read, is that she still won’t be sure she understands what love is.
“It’s not right. I never said I wasn’t sure what it meant. Rather, I think it’s a very complicated feeling. There is no single answer to the question: “What is love?”. I think I know what it is, but my idea applies to me, and maybe
It wouldn’t suit him.”

Let’s start with your thoughts.
“To me it’s a mix of things. It means being there, caring, working together to keep the relationship alive, and of course mutual attraction. I think true love should be unconditional, but that we’re human, we have limits and we really do
Set our terms. And it is precisely because of this contradiction that sometimes I feel confused».

I thought unconditional love was love for children, not husbands.
“That’s how it works. But is it right? Shouldn’t the idea of ​​love itself be the absence of conditions? When you have children and you understand, from the moment they’re born, that whatever you want them to Love can’t stop you from starting to ask yourself questions about the feeling that binds you to your partner: it should be absolutely pure and simple, but it is no more”.

And, indeed, relationships often end, as was the case with his two previous marriages, which resulted in divorce. If I’m not mistaken, always at the beginning of the year, in January.
“Really? I haven’t the slightest idea, I don’t even remember when they started».

Let’s forget the past?
«No, I often think about my past experiences. But I don’t dwell on what happened because I choose to live in the present and try to be a better person today. Every choice was important in the sense that it is thanks to what I have experienced that I am who I am today. And I’m proud of myself and my family. Mark and I love each other very much and work hard to make our relationship a success. I don’t think I would have lived the life I have now without my past experiences.”

The problem is, it seems the past doesn’t want to leave him alone. I’m referring to the ongoing series of lawsuits and countersuits between you and your first ex-husband.
“I’m not talking about negative issues like those.”

We still talk about love, but about how he feels for his children. How does He show His affection for His children?
“I show it a lot, in every possible way: kisses, hugs. “Mom, stop kissing me,” they always tell me. Or I sing to them. My son, for example, does not want to sleep-
Again without the bedtime song. Often, when I’m working late, my husband or the person who’s babysitting for me that day will call or text: “Hey, Max asked me to sing this song, he
stuff?”. In short, I take care of them. But also of myself.”

She once said that the danger for a woman is to devote herself entirely to her children and lose herself. Are you referring to this?
“Yes, and you do it with all your heart. As soon as they are born, they are the most important thing and it is normal that the woman and her needs take a backseat. But I believe that after some time it is discovered is necessary
lose balance I don’t want my kids to think, “Mommy doesn’t take care of herself.” I’m not saying I wear makeup every day, but I never want to look sloppy in front of them.”

Recently he also launched a new perfume. This is called love and glamour. What is the relationship between love and infatuation for you?
« To me, love is one of the most glamorous things in the world. Because, in my mind, it evokes all those images of romance movies and Hollywood. Women in love movies are always sexy, elegant, men beautiful and self-confident».

But isn’t it difficult to translate such a fantasy into everyday life?
“No, I don’t agree. I do everything I can to have a life full of love and glamour, and I think I’m successful. I’m talking about the little things, the details. Even if it’s just my husband and my kids at home, or my sister and I, I like to do things with a certain taste and calmness. If, for example, we have a coffee, I choose nice cups. I sit down, I take the time to have a quiet conversation. And if I wear sweatpants, I don’t miss a pair of earrings. Here, small talk, like that».

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