Jennifer Lopez so sexy : for 50 years, it appears, in a bikini, cord, and revealing her breast (wow !) : LIKES women of today


In the kind of sexy, it can not be released to compete with the last photo in the date of Jennifer Lopez on his account Instagram. The actress and singer, who celebrated with great pomp his 50-year-old on 24 of the body saucissonné in a dress incredibly, revealed itself, this time in a swimsuit two parts, the (married really)! His comment ? “Relaxed and recharged” (“Relaxed, and battery new” in the VF)!

Subscribed to the gym almost on a daily basis and very comfortable with your body the young fifties, nor the limits of the sexy share your followers with a selfie taken in front of the mirror in his bathroom. Hair in a bun, it shows a naked body, dressed only in a micro-bikini top-white. Consisting of a slip line and a triangle bound, and on the shoulders, swimsuit sexy lady not the fact that light on your feminine curvesyour flat belly and your thighs ultra-muscular. Enough to make him cold all the sweat of your fans, Diplo, Lenny Kravitz and Naomi Campbell in the head !

Jennifer Lopez is happiest than ever, is the enthusiasm

Already likée more than 8 million followers, the photo is quickly viral to. I have to say that Jennifer Lopez is one, if more than 114 million subscribers on his account Instagram. Maybe he finished the week with 10 million. likes under his photo ?

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