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Jennifer Lopez styled her hair with voluminous waves and a side line

Jennifer Lopez is a recurring topic of conversation not only because of the exercise routines that keep his body toned during his fifties, or the various lessons he has given us to carry leggings stamped with absolute safety. It is also because of the way it gives shapes and dyes her mane, characteristic of his style, and that highlights the best of his features.

Only recently, Jennifer Lopez had decided to renew her style with a haircut that modified her image, opting for long layers to gain movement, as well as a curtain bangs to frame her face. The author of this 90s-inspired cut is the celebrity stylist Chris appleton, responsible for the way the manes of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa or Katy Perry look.

Jennifer Lopez has made her hair her trademark.

© Getty Images.

He is also responsible for the most emblematic hairstyles that we have seen in J. Lo. In this case, the American actress and businesswoman opted for a style that marks voluminous waves wide that are emphasized in a more forceful way from medium to ends, one that has all the characteristics of the rejuvenating trend hairstyles.

What is the perfect hairstyle for long hair according to Jennifer Lopez?

The British stylist is recognized among celebrities for waves that defy gravity, straight ponytails without misplaced hair and ‘crystal hair’, locks as luminous as the solid that gives the style its name. Appleton acknowledges that trends have changed dramatically after the global pandemic, as people are beginning to perform processes that were previously done in the living room.

‘It was nice to see people really appreciate the power of what a fantastic hair It can do for your inner confidence, for your state of mind. It can lift you up. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, ‘explains the expert he entrusts Jennifer Lopez the shape of her hair during an interview for a digital publication.

The hair of Jennifer Lopez shines in every strand, something that the expert recommends doing with specialized products that nourish the hair from the roots, which are for permanent use. After starting from a good base, the hairstyle gains volume at the crown of the head and begins to mark the voluminous waves starting from the stylized chin from a side line. It is elegant and ideal if we have the long hair and we look for something that makes an impact.

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