Jennifer Lopez surpasses Sommer Ray with a photo brutal with a top


The difference Jennifer Lopez with the rest of the artists of the music and film industry, is that it has a competitive insatiable. Everything always in the best possible sense, and is that the years are a simple challenge for her to continue to reign. In one of his photos was able to overcome no less than Sommer Raythe Goddess Fitness of networks in the present day. Do accounts quickly, 50 years against 23 does not seem to be a dispute balanced, but JLo was imposed on the new account.

In the plans of the american of puerto rican roots, is not stop exercising for any reason. Stepping right into the picture, you see it with a top and leggings of flowers, in addition, it carries a hat that does not receive too much attention. What led to the comparison with Sommer Ray was the exceptional abdomen and definition of your arms.

There is discussion at the moment about the superiority that exists between the Diva of the Bronx and Sommer. Although you can’t rule out completely a response was devastating in any publication of the high-profile influencer.

How does the quarantine Jennifer Lopez?

As discussed previously, the singer does not allow the exercise to be harmed. Clear that have to their favor in a mansion with wide spaces makes the task.

In videos of his partner, Alex Rodriguez, was able to notice how Jennifer Lopez use your free time to include another discipline to his repertoire. Yes, it is the baseball. The couple looks in harmony and taking what is best in this period of isolation. In general, he proved quite skilled at being trapped and hit with the bat is concerned. To this we were referring to the competitiveness, as not to include new activities that give you superbly well. Sommer Ray still has a long way to go to reach the level of Jenny. Only time will determine the winner.