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Jennifer Lopez tab iconic portfolio listed as the most expensive in the world

Jennifer Lopez is one of the actresses who has played the fashion one of his best weapons to accompany his artistic career giving him the necessary impetus to be considered one of the main references of style globally. Within his personal capsule there are countless pieces that reflect his taste for the most valued prestigious firms in the industry. That’s why one of his obsessions fashionistas it’s the accessories and of course the handbags.

The American singer enjoys a privileged life because with such a large budget she also allows to enjoy coveted pieces such as the mythical and sophisticated Birkin. A portfolio created in 1984 from the need of the British actress Jane Birkin to find a spacious and elegant bag while satisfying her requirements as a young mother. At that time the executive chairman of Hermés, Jean-Louis Dumas, he sketched a flexible rectangular bag that would soon be christened ‘The Birkin’.

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Currently to acquire a Birkin wallet you have to go through a long waiting list and where the price exceeds five digits, not to mention that the most expensive wallet in the world comes from one of its models Himalayan type it has details of white gold and diamonds. Quality, prestige and elegance are some of the prestiges behind this iconic brand so JLo has shown since its inception its eternal connection with this brand.

On different occasions Jennifer Lopez he has been able to wear the Birkin in their different versions, tones and design. One of the first times she used a crocodile leather model was in 2008 in conjunction with an asymmetrical mustard dress. He would later try his luck with a red Birkin to tempt a supreme monochromatic look that showcased all the might of this vibrant hue.

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Of course her fondness for this brand and the infinite variety of models also motivated her to be a creditor of the iconic handbag that has been described as “rare and exceptional” thanks to the extreme skill required to dye a white Nile crocodile skin. Its tiny size is all that JLo you need to go to the gym or go shopping. An ostentatious handbag that during an auction in Hong Kong was sold for an exorbitant sum of $379,261. Fact that made it the most expensive bag in the world and that was not elusive before the fashionista instinct of the interpreter of ‘Let’s get loud’.

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