Jennifer Lopez teaches the game (and literally) wearing a dress by open and nothing underneath


The 28th of February 2020
(16:53 (CET)

It is possible that we may be facing one of the most animals we’ve seen so far from her Home, and that’s that Jennifer Lopez I wanted to teach it to the whole world the benefits of your new dress, and it looks like quite a lot.

And the thing is that the dress-coat of a green that has done the damage, since you can leave one half of the body in the open, as you can see in the picture.

The picture above shows the statuesque figure of Jennifer Lopez, which I haven’t shown as much at a photocall, and that seemed to be too concerned about at various times of the night, so that I could show someone.

A dress, a very iconic

The dress Jennifer Lopez going with the same color as the green of her dress, the most iconic, the one that will be a gift to Donatella Versace, and that has made it to appear on Google Images. Something that not everyone knows.

20 years ago, has proved to the world that your step is love at first sight, and that I never wanted to be a model, no matter how much you insisted.

Jennifer Lopez

For a show to be controversial

Today it became known that the Super Bowl has sparked a flurry of complaints to the show, which was in the range of the show that is set up by Jennifer Lopez and the colombian Video and he liked it so much in the world.

Up to 1,300 complaints have been received in the national football league, due to the presence, and the “lack of decorum”.