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Jennifer Lopez. They catch Ben Affleck looking for a ring

A possible engagement request from Ben Affleck to Jennifer Lopez could be on the doorstepWell, the actor was caught in the jewelry store Tiffany & Co, so it is speculated that the Batman interpreter he would be looking to ask the actress and singer to marry him.

As reported Page Six, eThe actor was seen at the branch of Century City, California, and was in the company of his mother, named Sam, and her son, Samuel last Monday, presumably looking for an engagement ring.

Ben and Jennifer’s partner, popularly known as Bennifer, became engaged for the first time in the already distant November 2002. On that occasion, Affleck wore a Harry Winston 6.1-carat pink diamond ring, which would have cost, by then, around $ 2.5 million..

However, on that occasion the wedding to be held in 2003 was postponed as they had a lot of media attention on them, and they decided to leave it for another occasion … however, in 2004 they ended their relationship, and everyone thought they would not marry, but apparently that is about to change.

And they returned with a new and more mature romance, shortly after the singer ended a two-year relationship with Alex Rodríguez. Since then, Bennifer it has been a constant in public places and some meetings have been held between them and their families.

None of this seems to be a coincidence, since science itself explains it, and the Clinical psychologist Carla Marie Manly, author of the relationship book ‘Date Smart: Transform Your Relationships & Love Fearlessly,’ explains.

Relationships that are renewed after many years can really flourish under certain circumstances, especially if both partners are emotionally intelligent and self-aware.“, He says. “If the members of the couple are really Connected and well matched but found life issues got in the way, a reconnection in later life can be both pleasurable and deeply rewarding”.

There is no doubt that everything is happening between Affleck and Lopez, and that the years passed and help them to mature for themselves and the relationship … now we just have to wait if Ben will cheer up or everything remains in simple speculation.


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