Jennifer Lopez to Ben Affleck, dedication a year after marriage: ‘I look at my ring and feel overwhelmed’

The Bennifers are reunited after a period of separate holidays (she is in Capri, where she is free in the local Anema e Core, he is in Florence with children with Jennifer Garner). Before the birthday party Ben Affleck (51 years old August 15 on notes wonderful world) then the celebration of the anniversary of the second marriage, held on August 20 in Georgia).

J-Lo wanted to congratulate her husband on the dedication, which feels like the beginning of a song, as she has done in the past.

“Dear Ben,

Sitting here alone

looking at my ring

I feel depressed

It makes me want to sing

How did we get here

No rewind

Oh, my

This is my lifeā€¦”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are married: their names are in Nevada registries

Their romance filled the tabloids and made fans dream. Seventeen years after the official breakup of their relationship (which lasted a couple of years and began on the set of the film that saved Razzy – the anti-Oscar) – lilies) got back together in the summer of two years ago. Moreover, all this time “they remained friends.” Affleck started a family with Jennifer Garner with whom he was married for ten years and had three children, experienced ups and downs with alcohol and the last official relationship was with a Cuban actress and model Ana de Armas.

Jennifer Lopez instead, she was married three times and had twins by her last husband. Mark Anthonywith whom she has been with for ten years. Obviously, however, there are certain kinds of love that, as Venditti sang, “do not end, they go in great circles and then come back.” After releasing in July 2021, the double wedding last summer first in Las Vegas and then at the family home in Georgia. During these twelve months, rumors about the crisis were often circulating, which, however, were always denied on social networks.

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