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Jennifer Lopez wears black lace garter and wears her curves

The businesswoman, singer and actress American Jennifer Lopez appeared long ago on Instagram in two photographs, in which she is using a lace liguero in black.

Surprisingly this beauty of Puerto Rican descent has stood out in music as well as in film, however recently it has been the industry where it has stood out much more, this thanks to its popularity has helped it a lot.

To his more than 35 years of career in the entertainment industry Jennifer Lopez she has become a celebrity, the fact of being so famous has also helped her grow on social networks especially when she comes to promote some garment, wearing or her own skin care products.

Something that has also helped her grow on the Internet in particular have been her outfits and the flirtative way of posing in photos which has caused all kinds of content that has her image to be found on various social networks.

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It was precisely on Instagram 4 days ago where two photos were posted in a single image, fans tend to make accounts that are dedicated to sharing content of their favorite artist as in this case the interpreter of “On The Floor“.

In the images we see JLo wearing a complete garment made up of a flirtt garter made with black lace and some strips that fit his figure, he also had transparent black stockings that reached up to the middle of his thighs.


As accessories she was wearing a long necklace of diamonds and others a little shorter, dark lenses inlaid with stones and to accompany her garter she wore a kind of long gown with some parts on the edges also made with lace.

Surely the current girlfriend of Ben Affleck he was recording some promotional, official video or just had a photo shoot, but he was certainly working this we can see because in one of his hands he was holding a thermal glass decorated with bright stones in silver, gray and black.

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JLo usually uses them when he has some rest between each of his projects because it is not the first time we see this specific accessory.

So you can distinguish in both images she started working from very early until night came, because of the shadows we see behind her and her beautiful skin tone.

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Every time Jennifer has a big project on the doorstep, she tends to show it off on her Instagram account, either in her feed or her stories, she shares a little of the content that we will enjoy later, it would not be at all unusual for her to have shared precisely these photos herself on Instagram.

To this day the singer and businesswoman has 3,130 posts on the Instagram application and a few days ago reached 170 million followers, as for Twitter where she could also have shared the photos has 45 million followers.

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Perhaps you think that these amounts are exorbitant, however we do not doubt that she actually has twice or even three times as many admirers around the world, because not all the people who know and enjoy both her music and her films have social networks or follow her.

There are even other celebrities who just a few months ago decided to open accounts on Instagram, evidently immediately managed to have more than a million followers two famous cases are those of Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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