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Jennifer Lopez wears denim shorts without fear of cellulite

Jennifer Lopez he continues to add successes in his career, and also in his personal life, and is in his happiest moment.

The celebrity is in a relation with Ben Affleck, but without neglecting its mom’s work, and of course, succeeding in music and acting.

He recently premiered the song Change the step alongside Rauw Alexander, and also prepares to star in the new film Netflix, Atlas.

The singer is also admired for her great style and beauty at 51 years old, as it is maintained in better shape than ever.

However nor is she saved from the cellulitis, and that which maintains a very life healthy, full of good nutrition and powerful daily workouts.

Celebrity has cellulite in the area of the thighs and buttocks, and is not afraid to show them in modern and sexy garments.

Jennifer Lopez teaches us how to wear denim shorts without fear of cellulite

Recently the celebrity left walk with your children Max and Emme through the streets of Santa Monica, and wore a fresh and youthful outfit.

JLo took a denim shorts, with a white shirt, which he supplemented with a sweater in old pink tone, and some tennis shoes in white.

This is a very comfortable and casual to wear short, regardless of our cellulitis are to the uncovered.

With this outfit the interpreter of “Pa ti”, made it clear that its cellulite does not complex it, and will not stop wearing modern garments for them, giving a great lesson.

Jennifer Lopez

In fact, it also carried denim short in his most recent video combining it with a white shirt and a glitter top.

And it’s not the first time he’s let his “imperfections”, as it has already shown them in very sexy and daring bikini.

The key is to carry any garment with safety and confidence, feeling good about yourself, and not letting what others say affect you.

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