Jennifer Lopez: What have been JLo’s partners (besides Ben Affleck)?

The so-called “Bronx Diva,” Jennifer Lopez, just celebrate your 52nd birthday and she did it accompanied by the actor Ben Affleck, with whom she apparently resumed her romance of 19 years ago; but this is only one chapter of the JLo sentimental story.

Below we tell you what jennifer lopez’s loves have been:

David Cruz

This man was Lopez’s first love, she met him when she was 15 and he was 16, and they maintained a courtship relationship of a decade, that is, Cruz accompanied the superstar hour in his first steps in the artistic environment, but their relationship ended in 1994, a couple of years before she achieved fame. Sadly he passed away in March last year from a heart condition.

Wesley Snipes

It was 1995 and Snipes was emerging as one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, it was then that Jennifer coincided with him in the filming of the film “Assault on the Money Train”, but although the actor showed interest in her and even tried to steal some kisses, as Lopez would recall in an interview for the portal Remixes; JLo always made it clear to him that he wasn’t interested in that way.

Ojani Noa

Jennifer Lopez’s heart was captivated by a young waiter, who was also an actor and model, five years her junior and who she met in a Miami bar, when they began to treat each other they realized they had a lot in common and a few months later (February 1997) they got married, which lasted only eleven months and was followed by a fractious separation.

Tommy Mottola

Before the music mogul met Thalia and was recently divorced from another music diva Mariah Carey, he had a short romance with JLo in 1999, when his musical career was beginning to take off; she has denied the relationship but the entrepreneur he has claimed that there was great chemistry between them.


Sean Combs (P. Diddy)

It’s perhaps Lopez’s most outrageous relationship, which even led to her being arrested on a night out in 1999, when the rapper shot himself with another subject at a nightclub and they were arrested for fleeing the scene with a gun in the trunk of his car. For two years they were the couple of the moment, especially when JLo appeared hand in hand with Diddy wearing his iconic green Versace on the red carpet of the 2000 Grammy Awards; their relationship ended because of the musician’s infidelities.

Cris Judd

It was the year 2000 when Cris was hired as a dancer for the video of the song “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”, there was the crush and by September 2001 they were giving the yes, in a ceremony that years later Judd would qualify as a circus, for the attempts of the paparazzi to capture some image of the wedding; the marriage broke up in 2003 and he confessed that being married to someone like Jennifer was extremely complicated and exhausting, because there was no privacy and Lopez prioritized his career.

Ben Affleck

The stars coincided in the filming of the film “Gigli” (2002), which both starred and the romance that began in fiction, soon passed into reality becoming the couple of the moment, it took little time for them to get engaged and were about to reach the altar twice, in 2003 and 2004, but a few days after the celebration the actor canceled everything breaking with JLo. Nearly two decades later Hollywood stars they decided to resume their romance, to the extent that their respective children have already met and there is even talk of a new wedding.


Marc Anthony

His story began in 2008, when the Puerto Rican was performing on Broadway, this meeting was followed by two collaborations with the songs “No me conoces” and “No me ames”, although from that moment there was already talk of a romance, it was until 2004 when the friendship passed to love and on June 5 of that year they joined their lives in a surprise wedding, held at Lopez’s house in Beverly Hills. In February 2008 their children Max and Emme were born, and renewed their marriage vows in Las Vegas, but the love story ended in July 2011 when they announced their separation, but this materialized until 2014, but their relationship is of best friends and they have even lived with JLo’s new partners.


Casper Smart

Again the Bronx Diva found love between sus dancers, this time one 18 years her junior, was Casper, with whom she remained in a relationship until 2016. Some time after their separation the choreographer confessed on the show “Despierta América”, that the cause of their breakup was their immaturity, in addition to having had ignorant and silly attitudes towards the pop star.


At the end of 2016 the stars confirmed their relationship with various posts on their social networks, where they can be seen in romantic situations, there was even an expensive gift of 100 thousand dollars, a necklace of Tiffany of platinum and diamonds, even appearances together in events, but this idyll lasted only two months, in which the closest ones assured, it was a relationship without commitments and fun.

Alex Rodriguez

The two met thanks to Marc Anthony, who was JLo’s husband at the time, but it wasn’t until March 2017 that rumors of a romance between the player and the singer began, but made it official on the red carpet at The Met Gala in New York. In 2018 they bought a property valued at 15 million dollars, to start their home in NY and the family coexistences, with her and him children. Even though there was a romantic request for marriage on the beach, Rodriguez and Jennifer ended their four-year relationship in April 2021.

“We realized that we are better as friends and we hope that will continue to be the case. We will continue to work together and support each other in our joint ventures and projects,” reads the statement announcing their separation.




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