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Jennifer Lopez wows in D&G outfit from Venice!

Once again the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has managed to attract attention, thanks to a beautiful and especially striking floral outfit from the brand Dolce and Gabbana, his fans were delighted with him because he reminded us of the Renaissance and also of the Victorian era.

Apparently the owner of JLo Beauty It also fascinated him because he has been giving it a lot of promotion since he launched it on his social networks.

For five hours since the famous Hollywood celebrity shared the first publication on his Instagram in addition to his stories, these publications are precisely divided into his stories and his feed.

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It was the first in his stories that he began to share content related to this striking and surely expensive outfit, 7 hours ago he appeared without a drop of makeup, he was only wearing the wonderful headdress that he wore on his head, it was a kind of tiara and crown.

Her outfit was made entirely with floral prints, each of the elements she was wearing had a certain characteristic that made it unique, however when putting them all together we ended up seeing a complete work of art.

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Its top had some stones that formed small flowers, these stood out immediately because, being the smallest element, they immediately jumped at the sight precisely because of the material from which it was made and the texture that these elements gave it.

His pants reach above the waist the design is known as “skynny jeans” because they are designed to be tight to the legs, the base is black and has a pattern of several flowers, the same type of flower in different colors, there are some roses, lilacs and many green leaves.

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Jennifer Lopez He is also wearing a fairly long green cape that has shoulder pads and a high collar, which is only buttoned up to the neck, like his pants has a flower print, but a little more scattered, so the design does not gets saturated.

Without a doubt Jennifer reminded us of the famous paintings that appeared from the Renaissance onwards, including the dress designs of the Victorian era.

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The Italian fashion house that designed the dress is not only limited to the manufacture of clothing, although at first those were its beginnings, but today we also find perfumes, accessories, restaurants and others.

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