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Jennifer Lopez’s new bronze gold and the other summer hair colors you’re wearing in otoo

In summer, there is no time or desire to get bored when it comes to experimenting, playing and evolving with our mane. In addition, it does not take big changes to obtain great results. Sometimes, it will only be a matter of choosing the hair tone that best serves us and with which to feel identified. These are the hair colors that you will be encouraged to try this summer and that you can wear in otoo according to the hairdressers.

Blonde honey

Hailey Baldwin wears a blonde honey with m

Hailey Baldwin wears a blonde honey with more light on the tips that favors a lot.Instagram @haileybieber

Honey blond hair color is another big favorite of the summer. And of the spaolas that surrender to the blonds not too fros and much more natural. When it comes to taking them, it inspires us Hailey Baldwin because they mix phenomenally with our base color which is usually darker. And here, we can choose lighter colors like the vanilla or darker like honey. It is one of the best ways to enrich the mane and make it look more natural.

Dark blonde

Amanda Seyfried with a dark blonde with extra luminosity.

Amanda Seyfried with a dark blonde with extra luminosity.Instagram @renatocampora

Dark blondes revitalize our mane in summer. And as he tells us Mara Jos Llata of the hairdresser Llata Carrera, “we talk about blondes with orange nuances, cinnamon and honey, ideal to light the faces of brown, tanned and olive skins” that can not look better.

Golden bronze

Jennifer Lopez, with her new golden bronze blonde that everyone talks about.

Jennifer Lopez, with her new golden bronze blonde that everyone talks about.Instagram @chrisappleton1

The queen of hair look changes, Jennifer Lopez, just released a new hair color from the hand of Chris Appleton, a golden bronze wicks or bronze gold that we love. They result from a mixture of vanilla blondes with other honey and other pinks that create an interesting set of chiaroscuro that give dimensin to your hair.

Atmic blonde

Poppy Delevingne (center) with her new blonde hair color at

Poppy Delevingne (center) with her new atomic blonde hair color, a platinum versin with face framing wicks that frame her face.Instagram @poppydelevingne

If you like the coolest and brightest blondes, you will like the atomic blonde, an evolution of platinum blonde with nuances, which already wears Poppy Delevingne and that brings an extra luminosity to the face with techniques of color such as babylights or face framing.


Phoebe Dynevor surrenders to coppery hair with a thousand nuances and full of shine accompanied

Phoebe Dynevor surrenders to coppery hair with a thousand nuances and full of shine accompanied by an open bangs and a mane at the height of the nail.Instagram @phoebedynevor

If you want to change your blonde or your chestnut for another of the fashionable colors, you can choose a copper like the one he wears Phoebe Dynevor or Gigi Hadid. “This summer dark coppers or brick red with a touch of blonde are trending. Choose the intensity you want to give to your hair and take strawberries or cherries the base to throw your blonde to another dimensin cromtica that also remains easily”, he points out Rafael Buenoof Rafael Bueno Hairdressers.

Bright and vibrant chestnuts

Jessica Alba wears a caste

Jessica Alba wears a bright and glossy chestnut that is also pure trend this otoo.Instagram @jessicaalba

The dark manes are also for the summer. They ensure comfort and naturalness without renouncing magnetism. Brunettes do not have to give up their color to carry an impressive tone. “From the light chestnut or the hazelnut color to the black, the dark manes enhance their personality, adding shine or combining with other shades of the same chromat range or even red. Enrich your color with nuances chocolate, hazelnut, cinnamon, wine … with reflections or with chunky”, aade Manuel Monof Manuel Mon Stylists.

Mechas money piece o chunky

This summer, we inspire the face framing wicks of Blanca Su

This summer, we are inspired by the face framing wicks of Blanca Surez because they favor a lot to the castes that you want to give an extra luminosity to your face.Instagram @blanca_suarez

Chunky wicks are counted with money piece wicks to upgrade the manes as well this summer. And it is that the wicks near the face frame your face and accentuate your features. “Not only with blondes, I also play with extreme tones that combine unexpectedly. It’s about daring without committing ourselves,” he says. Raquel Saiz, stylist and saln colorist Blue.

The chaste Mocha Chocolate

Bella Hadid wears a caste

Bella Hadid sports a chaste chocolate mocha this summer with an extra-long mane.GTres Online.

When we think about the hair color of summer, it goes out of mind to the blonds and clidos. However, the heat wave is ushering in a refreshing color trend that is the opposite of the ubiquitous yellowish hue: the bright, very chic dark chestnut. and Bella Hadid has been among the first to adopt what her colorist, Jenna Perry it calls “Mocha Chocolate” or caf chocolate fro, a dark brown or chestnut but very rich and pigmented with a luminous marrn touch at the tips.

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