Jennifer Lopez’s ‘The Girls of Wall Street’ outfit up for auction

A long-sleeved shirt, leather trousers and heels: here’s what you can get until March 12th

catawiki auctioned off an iconic suit worn by Jennifer Lopez during the filming of The Girls of Wall Street – Business is Business. There is time until March 12 to win it

Wall Street girls

Who does not remember the famous character of Ramona Vega neither The Girls of Wall Street – Business is Business? The 2019 film written and directed by Lorene Scafaria is based on the article of New York Magazine of 2015 The Hustlers at Scores by Jessica Pressler. Not by chance, the original title of the film is right Hustlers

Story of a scam

The film tells the story of Roselyn Keo, stripper at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, and student of the famous Samantha Foxx. Their clients were mainly very wealthy managers who were victims of a real scam. vThey were drugged and robbed of large amounts of money. After word of these scams began to circulate between the NYPD and the Drug Enforcement Administration, the gang was arrested in 2014

The film with Jennifer Lopez tells this story. AND the singer and actress plays Ramona Vega, a strong and determined woman who played an important role in the story. Among other things, to prepare for the role, J Lo trained for two and a half months before filming and learned to perform pole dance. In the cast are also present Cardi B, Constance Wu And Lizzo

Jennifer Lopez’s dress on Catawiki

Jennifer Lopez’s performance in The Girls of Wall Street – Business is Business it was especially applauded. And they have undoubtedly contributed to his success the outfits he presented, throughout the film. From this week on Catawiki it is possible to win one of these iconic dresses that J Lo wore in the shoot. It’s about a long-sleeved shirt by Maciano, a pair of leather trousers by Frame and a pair of black high-heeled shoes

Jennifer Lopez’s outfit on the set of “The Girls of Wall Street”, in the role of Ramona Vega. Credit: Catawiki Press Office

Memorabilia up for auction until March 12

The scene in question in which J Lo wore this outfit is the famous one in which she discusses with her colleague Destiny (Constance Wu) about their new business plan. The lot was received directly by the American entertainment and media company STX Entertainment and the auction is live until Sunday 12 March at this link

This is an auction dedicated to international cinema memorabilia and – in addition to J Lo’s outfit – there are also replicated and autographed posters, photos, props from stars like Sylvester Stallone

This was explained by Catawiki’s film merchandising expert, Luud Smiths. «The love of movies is linked to the possibility of escaping to another world for a couple of hours. On Catawiki movie lovers go crazy for autographed photos, clothes, posters and memorabilia from their favorite films because it allows them to feel even closer to those films and to those much loved characters. Some items are even considered a good investment because their value keeps increasing. In fact, last year film and television merchandising rallied a 30% increase in demand on the platform»

Continue the love story with Ben Affleck

Those who spoke of crisis had to change their mind. Between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is booming. Today, in fact, the couple is more united than ever. And the two have decided to tell their audience about it for the umpteenth time through a gesture that has a very strong symbolic value for them. The Bennifers got a couple tattoo. “Endless commitment. Happy Valentine’s Day my love,” wrote the singer. She who added the hashtag #CommitmentIsSexy, or rather “commitment is sexy”.

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The first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife, therefore, was marked by mutual confirmation of theirs troubled relationship. Just a few weeks ago the two decided to put it up for sale their Bel Air mansion priced at $42.5 million. A mansion with nine bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms, private lake, spa and screening room. In fact, Messrs. Affleck are apparently looking for a new home in which to start their new life as husband and wife.


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