Jerry Rivera turns 50 with a baby face

Jerry Rivera celebrates his 50th birthday. The eternal “children’s face” started cementing his career in the music industry at the age of 15, and it still works today. To talk about famous singers is to talk about Romance Sauce with a string of hits from iconic eras.

Gerardo Rivera Rodríguez, also known as Jerry Rivera, had an indissoluble bond with music from an early age. His parents, both engaged in music careers, encouraged him to sing. His first production, “Empezando a Vivir,” was the work he rose to fame with his first hit, “Head to Toe,” from which he began to be known as “Salsa Babe.”

He went on to release the album “Abriendo puertas”, which featured hits such as “Esa niña”, “Nada sin ti” and “Dime”, which made him number one on radio stations in the United States and Latin America.

His third album, Count on me (1992), was awarded more than a dozen platinum records, including awards in Venezuela, Colombia and Central America. In the same year he also won two Lo Nuestro Awards for Male Artist of the Year and another for Album of the Year, and he also won New York’s Diplo Award and Las Estrellas Award. For his sales of more than one million copies, Sony Disco presented him with a Crystal Award.

“The face of a child, the soul of a man”

The young artist continues to make his mark in the music industry and continues his successful career with “Cara de niño”, which once again proves his status in the music industry, especially in the salsa world.

In 1995 he released the album “Magia”, in which the singer, also a folk singer, tries to project a sexy image, melting young girls at concerts; Despite his tireless efforts, “Other way” (1999) returned him to the peak of popularity at the age of 25.

Over 30 years of professional career

The Puerto Rican has a string of hits that have made him immortal in salsa, such as “Almost a Spell,” “That,” “Don’t Hurt My Life,” “Love Like Us,” “I “Freedom,” “Flying ‘High,” and other great works that have marked the love lives of many.

Notably, another of the album’s biggest hits, “Casi unpell,” was written by Venezuelans Ricardo Montaner and Pablo Manavello.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Rivera has for some time surprised his followers with his wonderful collaborations with Venezuelan artists.

In 2022, the singer released “Hasta que llegaste tú” with Juan Miguel. The theme combines the musical style, energy, rhythm and romanticism of the two performers, with lyrics by Alfredo Matthews, Felipe Molinares, Zacarias Ermini and Created by Juan Miguel.

The meeting between the two artists came three years after Juan Miguel was part of the production team on Jerry Rivera’s studio album and his recent hit with Yandel, Mira. back.

Also in 2022, Jerry presents with acute bronchitis on the terrace of the CCCT in Caracas, where he delights all Creole audiences.

The musical is composed of national artists Luis Fernando Borjas and Lion Lázaro.

“I never thought that when I was almost 50 years old, I would be on the stage… I thought that at that age, I would be an old man with a big belly. Today I thank God for allowing me to live and enjoy”, he said in an interview with the media when said.

He recalled that when he started to create in 1988, the artist at that time was only valid for two or three years, and then disappeared. That’s why Rivera is grateful that he’s accomplished more than he expected.

“One of my dreams is that my music is not something fleeting, I want it to transcend and influence other generations. I think I’ve achieved far more than I deserve,” he said.

“A collaboration with the Primera Brothers

Last June, the Primera brothers realized their dream of recording a song with a salsa singer. “After so many years, we finally have this long-awaited meeting! 1993 – 2023. A dream come true! We are very eager for you to hear what we have prepared for you. If you want salsa dancing, you Will see what we have to offer,” “Chamos de Él Valle” wrote alongside Rivera in the publication.

Jerry Rivera, for his part, clarified that the song he will be writing with the Primera Brothers will be recorded in Venezuela and will be part of his new album due to be released next year, and he will share the work with Yandel and Jonathan · Morley et al.

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