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The singer Justin Timberlake has been outstanding throughout his entire career, in addition to their catchy themes or his melodious voice, for being one of the dancers more skilled of the scene pop, it is not a secret at this point, and even less for his famous wife, the actress Jessica Biel. However, that does not mean that the music star is no longer able to surprise occasionally to the interpreter with the energy and vitality, seemingly inexhaustible, that deploys on the dance floor.

“When it begins to move as well, you have only two options: walk away from your side and keep the gaze fixed on him, admiring their art, or try to adapt to your pace and do everything possible to not end up rendered by the fatigue,” he joked to the american artist, the mother of the little Silas, and next to that was a member of the band NSYNC, in his interview in the program of Ellen DeGeneres.

The handsome performer, he is referring specifically to the lively party went two weeks ago the marriage in the framework of the Fashion Week of Paris, where both spent a great and even lost the notion of time as if they were a couple of younglings with no more responsibilities than to squeeze the most out of their moments of fun.

“The truth is that we take it very seriously, that of enjoying the party. We were dancing until three in the morning, literally. I believe that we forgot that we were no longer a twenty-something and that we are bordering on the forties,” explained the protagonist of the series ‘The Sinner’ before revealing the effect that such momentum it had in the expensive dress from Louis Vuitton that we had been loaned for the event.

“I ended up sweating so much, that I thought I had loaded the dress. Oh my god, it was so beautiful… at The end of the night I was literally dripping. And I said, ‘you’re Going to have to recycle it and turn it into a sort of bag or something like that’,” he assured in his conversation.

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