Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci in the village cursed


Limetown is a podcast of horror, which was released in 2015 and that it immediately became one of the most listened to of the united States. The premise is the following. The investigative journalist Lia Haddock (voice of Anne Sage-Whitehurst, in the original broadcast), it starts almost under your account and risk a few enquiries about a mysterious event occurred over a decade ago in a small town american who has gone to oblivion to the public.


The place is Limetown, a community of scientists specializing in neurology. And all of them disappeared at eight months of setting foot in the place to which Haddock is coupled by a connection that goes beyond the professional sphere: Emile Haddock, in his time the “keeper” of the people, is his uncle.

And so begins a story created by Zach Ayers and Skip Bronkie, which has recently begun its second season. As is usual every time we talk about podcasts, you leave here your link to the official website, broadcast on Spotify and Apple Tunes (taken care of in this last link because you are going to head to the synopsis of the episodes, tad revealing).

That said, let’s go now with the part of audiovisual, because Limetown has become in series to Facebook Watch, the service of VOD the giant of the social networks, with a release date scheduled for October 16. Its first two episodes, however, have already premiered in the Festival of Toronto. I have liked the people of Indiewire.

The main cast consists of Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci in the roles of Lia and Emile Haddock, and its showrunner is Josh Applebaum, an executive producer of Alias, the next series of High-Fidelity and Cowboy Bebop. Ayers and Bronkie serve as executive producers.

We’re going with the advance.