Jessica Biel donates to charity to commemorate the birthday of his son


2020-04-09 17:30:06

Jessica Biel is donating to charitable organizations to celebrate the fifth birthday of their son, because they want to help “keep children and families healthy” during the current pandemic of coronavirus.

Jessica Biel is donating to charity to commemorate the fifth birthday of his son.

The son of the star of ‘Sinner’, Silas, who has with her husband Justin Timberlake, served five years on Wednesday (08.04.20) and to commemorate the occasion, Jessica revealed that it will be making a donation to Save the Children and Feeding America, who are working hard to “keep children healthy and families” during the current pandemic of coronavirus.

By posting a vintage photo on Instagram of herself holding Silas over his shoulder, the actress 38-year-old wrote: “This little man is 5 years old today! We are at home, covered in legos and birthday cake at this time … but I Just found this photo in my phone from last summer and made me very happy. To celebrate its big birthday, we’re supporting @savethechildren and @feedingamerica, they are doing a great job to keep children and families healthy and fed during this I Scroll through your old photos today and post something that brings them a little joy! I send much love to all … (sic) ”

Meanwhile, Jessica recently revealed that she would love to have more kids with Justin, and even though they are not actively trying to expand your family, believes that it would be “great” if I were to become pregnant.

She said: “babies are crazy and hectic. But yes. I think that if we were to happen, that would be great”.

Jessica also spoke about Silas, which bears the name of the grandfather of Justin, and revealed that the young man has inherited many of the traits of his father pop star.

She said: “Well, he is a very good DJ. I guess you could say that is a musician adjacent. It is very fun, very much like Justin. It is frightening not only understood the joke, but that makes the joke. We are in the part of the life, which is very fun. “

And the actress ‘Limetown’ believes that Silas is “an old man trapped in a small body”, despite the fact that still fails to meet five years.

She said: “I took his iPad and his life is ruined. He is an old man trapped in a small body. I think that has been here before.”

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