Jessica Biel is joking with her look of quarantine


Always surprise us with his cute quips, but this time have been exceeded. The actress Jessica Biel and her husband, the musician Justin Timberlakehave wanted to bring a smile to their fans in these moments so complicated that we are living, and have done so joking with his looks of quarantine. “Since I don’t know what day it is, but we’ve just found our double perrunos… and also some good ideas of inspiration for your hair. It has been a great day for us”, has written the protagonist of the television series The Sinner (Neftlix) from his home in Montana, in the united States.


To prove it, Jessica has published a photo of him next to the an irish Setter of brown color, while the singer assures that it has a strong resemblance with a black Rottweiler. “What idea is so fun!”, “I’m dying of laughter with you“, “! Hahaha you are the same”, “I’m going to do it, to see if I find my double,” “I you seem a little”, “Your hair looks too pretty to be in quarantine”, “you Are amazing, I adore you”, “I would say that Justin looks more like a Beagle”, “Jessica could also be a Lassie”, “please, this is hilarious!” or “Thanks for the laughs“are some of the messages that can be read in the post that you have posted Biel in your personal profile. As expected, the comparison that has made the actress has caused opinions to suit all tastes. What do you think? Do you think that they resemble these breeds of dog?

– The costume of Jessica Biel is the best I’ve ever seen

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Imagination in confinement times

The marriage Timberlake-Biel is not the only one who has shown his hand more of a joker for to make more bearable the isolation his followers. We’ve seen Katy Perry dressed up as a pot of gel sanitizing, Chiara Ferragni posting videos very funny with your husband and your son, or the parody that has made Brad Pitt imitating the doctor, Anthony Fauci, immunologist at the front of the crisis of the COVID-19 in the united States. In our country, few days ago we witnessed the hilarious videos that starred Miguel Angel Silvestre and his motherin addition the fun conversation Paula Echevarría had with his daughter after one of your workouts. They are also developing a lot of the imagination well-known faces such as Malena Costa, Roberto Leal, Helen Lindes or Sara Carbonero, who are proposing a myriad of activities to do with the ‘sin’ of the house.