Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake divorce: Pregnancy of the actress, according to reports, leaving her husband after he cheated on her


  Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake divorce: Pregnant actress reportedly leaving her husband after I cheated on her

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s marriage is said to be on the rocks after the latter was involved in a serious cheating scandal last year. The rumors created more speculations because there are pictures to back it up.

Justin is cheating allegations

According to Australia, the Women’s Day, Biel was four months pregnant when Timberlake trap news appeared in the headlines of several newspapers and tabloids. At that time, even if she is waiting, she was ready to leave her husband because she could not accept her behavior when she was with her “Palmer” co-star Alisha Wainright, in a night of partying.

It should be recalled that in December last year, the cast and crew of the “Palmer” chill out for a short break from filming. The group of drinks and Justin and Alisha were filmed getting delicate. The actor/singer was caught in the hands of the actress from the hand that was resting on his leg, and because the photos and videos were published, the extra-marital affairs involving Justin Timberlake and Wainwright was around the week.

Jessica Biel reactions

It was reported that Biel was really surprised after watching the video and was really devastated. The actress was hurt even more because she was pregnant.

“Jessica was in a complete state of shock when he saw the pictures and the video,” the caller said the Woman’s Day magazine. “She was physically shaking and sobbing as it all sunk in. Jess has been suffering from bad morning sickness this time after trying for another child for two years, and Justin knows how difficult it has been for her that has made his actions hit that much harder.”

Jessica Biel supposedly wants a divorce as she feels her world is crumbling. The source added that the actress wants to focus on his son Silas and his new baby, and just live a single mother.

The truth

Gossip Cop, launched his own investigation and determined that this report is false. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s marriage is going well, and the first, do not try to leave her husband because she believes there is no deception has occurred.

Her husband explained that he was drunk at the time, but nothing really happened and Alisha is just her friend. In addition, the publication pointed out that Biel is not even pregnant to begin with, so the report was a lie.

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