Jessica Carrillo and Antonio Texeira: “Give us a chance, we are the perfect combination”


‘Jessica you have my full support, you know you’re there because you deserve it,’ María Celeste told her

Almost 20 years after the birth of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, today begins a new stage in the Telemundo afternoon show, with Jessica Carrillo and Antonio Texeira at the helm, as the presenters who seek to make a difference with empowerment regardless the gender.

Before this new stage we spoke with both of them, we learned about the chemistry between them and we were surprised to learn that their creator, María Celeste Arrarás, and who was left out at this stage when she has suddenly fired a few months ago, gave them the go-ahead. , as if giving them the transfer:

“María Celeste has been an excellent teacher, I have learned a lot from her, I count on her support, and I say it like this because I received a message from her saying: ‘Jessica you have all my support, you know you are there because you deserve it ‘” Says Jessica Carrillo, who even shortened her maternity leave to accept this new commitment in her career.

Knowing that what is coming will be a challenge, especially since it is such a show installed in the public, both, Carrillo and Texeira only ask that the public give them a chance, without anger and without comparisons.

“Give us a vote of confidence … To express an opinion you have to see it,” says Antonio.

Antonio Texeira
Antonio Texeira. Photo: Telemundo

As we told you, Antonio Texeira arrived 4 years ago from his native country, Spain, to be part of the news team of the Las Vegas subsidiary, a place where she had to do a little of everything, something that Jessica also went through at some point. They both know what it’s like to start small, so this step is a dream come true. At least that of Jessica, who assures us that since she started studying she always visualized herself conducting a program.

“As a professional, you always dream of something great, since you are starting your career you would like to be part of a show as a starter. Obviously ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ has been my home for the last almost 7 years, I have learned so much… What better was it in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, sadly I had to give the unexpected goodbyes, but in the end, everything has its cycle. One spectacular finished and another begins. What better than to welcome Antonio, a good-looking fellow, with whom you get along spectacularly from the first moment you see yourself says Jessica.

Jessica Carrillo
Jessica Carrillo. Photo: Telemundo

Something that for Texeira is also very happy, as it ensures that there is great professional chemistry between them.

But how was that first meeting?

“It was super funny because we both came to get tested for COVID, to make sure both of us that the whole team was protected. Right out of that test we saw each other, but obviously with the mask on, only with the eyes. There we started to chat, I think it was instant chemistry, ” says Jessica.

“Yes, and just that we were in that little talk, the doctor arrived with the envelope, and there the heart begins to gallop because in the end one feels good but I can be asymptomatic and I can roll … Negative, there we look at each other and celebrate ” Adds Antonio.

Although Jessica has managed to win the affection of the public of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ in these 7 years, who follow both her professional life, her personal life, and the birth of her son Matías, she knows that the task will not be easy. In addition to introducing their new partner, they must convince those who still miss, do not understand, or are angry about the departure of María Celeste. However, the Mexican journalist has a message:

“That they give us the opportunity, that they really see what we have to offer each afternoon. We are a program with such dedication, with so much information for all of you, this pair has to see it, it is the perfect combination ”.