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Jessica Cediel answered if she would have casual intimate encounters or if she would do it on a plane

The model and presenter Jessica Cediel he took to his social media to share a round of questions and answers. He openly decided to talk about his intimacy.

A curious internet user wanted to know if he would dare to have a chance encounter and even asked him again how long he has not done so. The model responded in great detail to her fans.

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“Never in life. I respect it, but never. This ‘little thing’ costs, that’s why I’ve been two years without anything”, Jessica Cediel said on her Instagram stories.

In the same dynamic he also replied that he would not be measured to make a threesome. About daring experiences, he confessed that he would like to do “the delicious one” on a plane, detail that put to blow the imagination of his followers.

Recently Jessica Cediel has answered the doubts of her followers about her sentimental life. Although they do not stop flatiling her for her beauty, she confirmed that she currently has no suitors.

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One of the last rumors that circulated in networks was a possible romance between her and the athlete Mateo Carvajal. After several hints, they finally made a date and thousands of Internet users believed that they could have more than just a friendship.

Despite their encounters, Mateo Carvajal confirmed that they went from flirting to stop talking to each other. Jessica Cediel herself said that the last conversation they had was for him to show her her her new tattoo.

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