Jessica Chastain comes to Venice: “I’m a Hollywood star, but I was born in the wrong country”

Today is the day at the 2023 Venice Film Festival Jessica Chastain. The actress came to Lido because she was the main character of the film. independent film Memory Michelle Franco, but immediately made her intentions clear: a black T-shirt in support of the SAG-AFTRA union and a combative look: “It’s easier for a successful actress not to say,” she explained, “but it was a union, tell me to come, because promoting projects based on agreements with independent producers is a way to support the strike, I hope we can return to negotiations with the other side soon.” It’s still: “I’m a Hollywood actress, but it seems to me that I was born in the wrong country.”. I love Isabelle Huppert because she takes roles to the limit.”

The actress competes in Venice as a woman with a painful past, a victim of violence who meets another broken soul: Peter Saarsard who suffers from dementia. She would just like to forget the past, but he is forced to struggle with the lack of memory. “My character uses her trauma as a shield to protect herself and her daughter,” she continued, “but this shield prevents her from living. Domestic violence has always been around, but now it’s finally being talked about more.”

And her commitment to combating violence against women has always been and remains a priority: “We live in an incredibly important moment: we recognize the violence and crimes against women that sadly happen every day around the world. The second step, however, is to fix it: Protecting women is one of my battles, and I consider it a principle that has guided my entire life. I try to use my fame to support safe working conditions and the fight against femicide.”


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