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The friendship between Celia and Minnie is perhaps one of the most beautiful, funny and tender parts of life. Help. Based on the novel of the same name by Katherine Stockett, the 2011 film features a solid female cast: Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard and Allison Janney. Set in 1960s Mississippi, where Skeeter (Stone) decides to interview the black servants of his town in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer.

Jessica Chastain – who plays the kind and eccentric Celia Foote in the film, who is ostracized by other housewives in the city – would like to make a sequel Help. The idea was to show what happened to his character and his maid Minnie Jackson (Spencer) after the movie. He tells EV:

Do you know what I think about all the time and that I would like to return to interpreting? Celia Foot. I want to do something around Celia and Minnie and see what happens. Maybe they would end up living together and raising a child together, they were best friends. How cool can this movie be?


I feel like I got experience from a lot of my characters. With Celia, I went deep and didn’t have as much material because I was a side character in the story. This is a character that I would like to bring back to life.

Help was a huge hit when it came out and even led to Octavia Spencer winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. However, in recent years, especially since the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, it has been re-evaluated by the black community, who have interpreted it as an example of a “white savior” film.

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