Jessica Chastain spotted starring in San Sebastian

The actress walked beaming in the red shadow to her seat in the Kursaal Palace. Would like to present the latest works, Memory size, Mexican Michael Franco.

He took Tuesday, beaming in the middle of a Gucci-colored Amarillo chaqueta, and within minutes greeted the waiting audience with smiles. selfie and the authors who signed incansable. Jessica Chastain (Sacramento, California, 46) starred at the 71st San Sebastian Film Festival and paid tribute to the cargo. During the last appearance, the night of miracle at the Kursaal turned out to be lying on paper, and a red shadow ran from the new Gucci a few minutes before the draft of his latest work. Memory size, Mexican Michael Franco.

Jessica Chastain wears a Gucci dress designed to celebrate someone who went beyond her film. Memory size. Photo: Getty Images

She wore a dress created especially for her by the Italian house, with which she maintains a close relationship. The palabra de Honor design is inspired by a starry night, with lenses, clear film and an opening on one side. A looks Hollywood-worthy work from her hair stylist Elizabeth Stewart, with whom she has been collaborating for many years. She completed the look with Aquazzura platform sandals, sharply contoured eyes and a mermaid crown with waves.

Complete the style with a wind-blown melenka adorned with soft medium waves. Photo: Getty Images

The Californian is not new to San Sebastian. I first heard in 2014 that it would be presented at Cinta L.disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, and I will be back in 2021 to take Plate Concha to its best for Tammy Faye’s eyes plus size, which won an Oscar just a month later. In this case, I understand the historical connotation that worries Hollywood, and that it seems that it is being pursued to the end with the principle of intelligence on the part of the actors, which could also speed up negotiations for the actors’ union. Over the months of conflict, Chastain became one of the most compromised actresses in the first line, trying to make the matter visible, which she also practiced in Donostia. It was brought to the city with official permission from the union to cover the event, subject to the publication of sector recommendations, and is an independent project that was not carried out as a result of a large study, as is the case.

Jessica Chastain delights fans in San Sebastian. Photo: Getty Images

“This is my third time at the festival,” I told Chastain when she was told about Kursaal’s script, “the audience here is special, I feel very inspired to be here. And to be here with Michel, with whom I hope to continue to collaborate throughout my life, is a gift for me and for my career. I’m very proud to share this film with you today and I hope you enjoy it.” Chastain and Franco worked together for the first time, but the tandem worked because they prepared a second union: “I love Michael Franco, a director from Mexico. I made a film about last year and I want to do something else with the person who wrote it,” the actress told me. Diversity A month has passed. On this occasion they present Memory size, the story of a social worker (Chastain) who has suffered various traumas.

Chastain and Mexican director Michael Franco showed considerable complicity. Photo: Getty Images

A wide door behind which the translator became charming under the red shadow. Carpet that will be recycled frequently. All meters in the shadow of the outside of Kursaal Palace, as well as those along the line between the Maria Cristina Hotel and the Victoria Eugenie Theater, will be converted into over a thousand bags that will be donated to the Food Fund. Bank, as stated by the festival organization.

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