Jessica Simpson is pregnant with her third child: Jessica Simpson is sincere about their latest health problems | Entertainment


After a couple of weeks away from the virtual sphere, the singer Jessica Simpson has returned to Instagram to inform her followers of the main reason that has led precisely to cut oneself off from the world temporarily. And is that the interpreter, who expects her third child with her husband Eric Johnson, it takes about a month experiencing severe pain and high levels of anxiety due to the unfortunate combination of several ailments and circumstances.

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In addition to the inflammation suffered by their feet as a result of the process of gestation, the sister of the also performer Ashley Simpson has been dragging discomfort related to sciatica, and, if that wasn’t enough, recently he succumbed to a bronchitis that forced him to bed rest total.

“After a month in pain because of the sciatica, followed by three weeks of bronchitis, today I noticed that my feet finally fit in my sneakers. I needed a walk to download all the anxiety that I have above”, has written the artist of 38 years, in your account of Instagram.

The last time I resorted to the social networks so your fans could be the day of progress derived from their third adventure, maternal, Jessica was limited to post an image that portrayed in the middle of a session of ‘cupping’, a technique to eliminate toxins and improve circulation -also known as ‘treatment with suction cups’- based on the use of cups, and the creation of a vacuum in its interior that stretches and tones the skin.

A few months before, the extroverted artist generated a host of headlines by confessing openly that I was not at all sure about the way in which it had been pregnant, taking into account that their days of marital intimacy had been considerably reduced in those times.

“The truth is that yes it had happened to me by the head the idea of having another baby, but I have to admit that I don’t know very well how it has been able to pass”, explained on this ‘mysterious’ pregnancy.