Jessica Simpson laughs at herself by accident due to their weight


Over the past few months, the singer Jessica Simpson has been using their social networks to document the most uncomfortable and least talked of pregnancy: some weeks ago, for example, shared a picture of their feet to ask for help from anyone who could give some advice on how to deal with the swelling that had started to increase two fold in size.

On that occasion, the artist turned a few days later to that same platform to inform other moms of the discovery that had saved his life and had allowed him to wear shoes again: a technique known as ‘treatment with suction cups’, which uses the creation of a vacuum to eliminate toxins and improve circulation.

Now Jessica -who is expecting her third shoot with her husband – came back to share a new pearl of wisdom in your account of Instagram with the hopes to help other women in your same state-after taking a bit of a scare while he was in the bathroom.

“Warning… do Not rest against the back of the toilet when they are pregnant”, he wrote to illustrate a picture in which she appears holding the lid rotates to the toilet.

If you break the furniture in his house were not enough punishment, the artist has also been forced to invest money in other that in principle are not of your liking due to the digestive problems that you have: “A strong gastric reflux has forced me to buy my own recliner,” he confessed with another photo in which she appears resting in a bulky but comfortable armchair.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images