Jessica Simpson on her marriage to Nick Lachey: ‘we Were striving to be the perfect couple’ | News


Following the launch of his book Open Book, Jessica Simpson he has revived some of the experiences of his past marriage with Nick Lachey, which ended officially in 2006, after months of rumors of infidelity on the part of the actress. The american told recently that both she and the singer tried for a while to hide their marital problems, this is due to the image they sought to project in his reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. “We started filming for the first time to the six weeks we were married and it was the first time that we lived together”, told Simpson in an interview with Sunrise to explain the coexistence with the singer was involved from the start with a constant public exposure. In turn recalled that while the first two seasons of the program were real and spontaneous, was not the case of the third, where both strove to pretend that you were okay. “I don’t think in any way that the reality show has been what we destroyed, but at the end of the shoot it’s not even talked about between us”, confessed to the star The Dukes of Hazzard. “We wanted to take out the cameras because I don’t even understand who we were as a couple because we had edited a lot throughout the seasons”he told the celeb, who is currently 39 years. “Sure we authentic in the first two, but the third definitely were striving to be the perfect couple,”he admitted. Jessica has made these statements after that ensure that, despite their split from Lachey, still keeping you very much I appreciate. “I still have much love for Nick, because he taught me how to be”commented a few days ago the magazine Glamour, who also said that he tried to be careful in his book with Nick, taking into account that he already has a new family. “I tried to handle everything (in the book on Nick) with the greatest possible care. He has a family, he is married”said Simpson about the current relationship of your ex, with model and actress Vanessa Minnillo.