Jessie Nadeau OD Bali is beautiful in a bikini in India


Jessie Nadeau recently, high-altitude flight in India with girlfriends for a yoga retreat!

The ex-candidate d’Double Room Bali we dream this week by the publication of the beautiful photos of her on Instagram. The beautiful influenceuse has, among other things, the pose adopted in a bikini, and it is absolutely stunning. With the beautiful cliché, Jessia Nadeau its thousands of subscribers, said that at what point of this journey was significant to you.

Cold showers in a bathroom in the open, barefoot, steal your bra by an unknown animal, to sleep on a bed, hard and wet, live have of the frogs in the body care (to remember, because you you you jumps on the noune is a beautiful morning), attacked by mosquitoes have been transferred, every time (want to red spots welded on the body), fuck off out of a monkey, a Wake-up, which by the dogs, the jappent in the night (just after 3am), you hear the gentle chirping of birds in the morning, listen to sweat, the vocals a bit less sweet cock, to hear every time, sounds really shady characters of the night (people réalignent the sacral chakra punches back and forth), that you can flatter the fingers in the brown dust-force, stray animals, enjoy the darkness of the night without “light pollution”. I love it, out of my comfort zone!

Here’s the beautiful cliché in question is :

The star of the web has shared a number of photos of your dream holiday on the social networks. It also gives us the desire to travel in India!

Jay temple visited on the plateau Julie Snyder Monday evening, to reveal, the objective for the next season a double room. Discover now, where the future candidates of the popular reality-tv, fly!

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