Jewelry: 10 most beautiful and fashionable

Drop Earrings AND floral print necklacebut not only: I bijouterie more seasonal sights have left their mark on podium then conquer the wardrobe fashionistas. pendants, necklace AND bracelets able to do even the most interestingoutfits more basic and are style detail what really matters without much effort (unlike floating heels or dresses of a certain cut). I am also often smart way buy something of your own brand Darling it is not necessary to invest a whole state (of course, there are exceptions).

As far as trends are concerned, 2000 years inspired by the former two thousand years is not going to give up and even led to the return of the real classics of the time, bracelet continueforearm. Who could have imagined seeing him again? But here again, more chill than ever in an ultra-chic version designed by Tory Burch.

Also seen on stars like Dua Lipa who, unsurprisingly, is a big fan look 2000 and brag about it regularly butterflies, clothes covered with crystals AND low rise jeans. All the classics of that era, which he also revived in the collection he subscribed to Versace, Holiday.

Also nineties keep setting the trend thanks to minimalist necklaces and above all, al satin necklace con fiore, which went viral thanks to the designers who brought it back into fashion. From giants like Prada niche brands like mirror palaceiconic New York label loved by stars like Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid AND Kylie Jenner.

This jewel-not-jewelor, made of fabric and extremely romantic, it was a huge success even among the stars who usually like to show off the jewels from a thousand and one nights. On the other hand, a simple silk or tulle rose made everyone agree, and is also inseparable from the neck of many stars such as Kendall Jenner AND Hailee Steinfeld. not even an exception Harry Styleswho took it up with determination XL to recent BRIT Awardslast February.

Ready to find out what bijouterie more desirable for now? Give him drop earrings From Bottega Veneta (so coveted that they now also exist in a brand new enameled spiral version) passing through the iconic curb adorned with shells David Coma, you just have to scroll gallery below to decide what to add to box for decoration summer.

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