Jewelry on the naked body. The winner of the Superseason show Top Model in Ukrainian published an art photo

Tanya Bryk showed pictures from a new photo shoot (Photo:

The winner of the Superseason of the show Top Model in Ukrainian Tatiana Bryk shared footage from a new candid photo session. On them, the model poses completely naked.

The model published new photos on her Instagram. On them, she is captured in a dark studio completely naked, without any clothes. The girl’s back is adorned with a massive pendant inlaid with stones and rhinestones, and voluminous shiny earrings hang in her ears. One of the photos also shows ankle bracelets.

In the caption to the photographs, Bryk posted a verse that talks about abusive relationships. Previously, she shared that for three years she had met with a man who spread rot, humiliated her, cheated on her and beat her .

“ I don’t sit like that, I don’t look like that,

that’s not how I hold bread in my hands.

I don’t sing like that, I don’t stand like that

not so I serve on the table …

Not so silent, not so joking,

I’m twisting a ball in my hands,

I don’t breathe that way, I write not that way,

not so walking down the street.

Sometimes doubt takes me:

maybe it’s you – NOT THE ONE?!? “- wrote the model in the comments to the photo.


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