Jewels of the 90s: trends of summer 2023

In the nineties, jewelry was taken seriously: chokers, ribbons, hoop earrings and anklets were a must. Everyone had chests full of jewelry, because it was important not to have a beautiful jewelry, but to have dozens of such jewelry, use them a lot and have fun. Suffice it to say that fashion was minimal in the nineties; the skirts fell straight—not too long, not too short—the women’s shirts were tight, sleek, and fitted, and the colors were relaxed and a little subdued. With such a base, it was necessary to accessorize, and the jewelry came in handy.

Today, most of these pieces have forcibly returned to wish lists along with all the revival trends of the 90s and 2000s and are constantly worn. it’s girls such as Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Emma Chamberlain.


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Jewelry such as pendant earrings disappeared from circulation for many years before reappearing only recently. As well as bandages with beads and various stones; an archival piece worn by characters like the Dixie Chicks on the red carpet with an irony that would be unthinkable in the same context today. Jewelry used to be an element of fun, but today they are seen as an investment, a certain elegance, purity and cool quiet. Take heart necklaces, for example: in recent years, they were tied into the wardrobes of little girls and teenagers, and in the 1990s, having at least one was the law. As well as heart pendants and much more. main product of those years, they owe their spread and enduring popularity to cult jewels such as Tiffany’s heart, or, in other cases, precisely to cinematic accomplices of success, such as the famous Rose necklace in the film. Titanic-. However, the influence came from subcultures instead: as for the Gothic crosses and black velvet decorations, which were taken directly from the Gothic culture and style.

Elements that today are reserved for a formal context, such as statement earrings, were casually worn in very casual outfits in the 90s, in which the contrast was very strong. Just as, on the contrary, in the nineties it was unthinkable to appear on the red carpet without various jewelry and hair accessories.

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Differences in understanding of the role of jewelry in the look complex mean that many of these trends remain tied to archival photographs, while others make no effort to return to fashion. First of all, choker necklaces are a great example of a nineties trend that has found wide acceptance in modern fashion. With them are also hoop earrings, necklaces made of ribbons and velvet, pendants in colored glass, in the shape of a heart, a cross and a butterfly, safety pins used as accessories on clothes or directly as jewelry – necklace chains with very large links and the last new: fabric choker necklaces with three-dimensional flowers. These jewels, in particular, have enjoyed unexpected success in recent months, finally sanctioning the return of nineties jewels to us.

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On the other hand, there are many who have not, such as rigid hoop and coil bracelets, medium-length drop earrings, parures, storage bracelets, and headbands with stones and beads. What is certain is that for the more nostalgic archival photographs of all the It Girls of the time, such as Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, will forever be in each of these jewels to be able to relive those moments without necessarily wearing them. memories.

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