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Jimin is named as the new Brad Pitt for his great visual

What do Jimin and the protagonist of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ have in common? Both global celebrities struck the public’s heart with their personality, talents and powerful visual. The BTS member was named after the modern Brad Pitt.

The members from Bts time and time again they have shared their admiration for Brad Pitt, one of the singers of the group that considers him as a role model is Jin, his dream was to become actor.

In an interview with IHeartRadio, the interpreter of ‘Awake’ confessed that one day he hopes to collaborate with the protagonist of the film ‘Do you know Joe Back?’, As it had been his inspiration to study at the University art and performance.

Jin It’s not the only one idol from Bangtan sonyeondan which has a special connection with Brad Pitt, recently Korean media made a comparison between Jimin and the famous Hollywood star.

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Media of South Korea they assured that Jimin has a special appearance reminiscent of the youthful days of Brad Pitt, when the actor became the crush of millions of people.

Some physical features of the vocalist of Big Hit Entertainment keep a certain similarity With those of Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband, especially on his lips, the shape of his chin and the beauty of the duo explodes when posing for the camera lens.

Netizens made a comparison even of the accessories of both celebrities they used to highlight their faces, Jimin wore transparent glasses, while Brad Pitt used frame lenses in a more classic style.

Another aspect they share Jimin from Bts and Brad Pitt is that both have an incredible popularity and a visible influence within the entertainment industry, not only in the United States or Korea, but also globally. Do you think both celebrities I know they look like?

Jimin is not the only one who has been compared to another star, recently the Golden Maknae was the target of praise for his resemblance to a actor very popular, do not leave Rex Nation without visiting first: Jungkook is named as the new James dean for its beauty.

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