JLo Shows Rolls and Cellulite on the Beach, But They Don’t Forgive Her: ‘It Wasn’t the Same Without Photoshop’

If anyone is enjoying summer in style, it’s JLo, She spent her final days in the sun and sea of ​​Capri, Italy.

Her experience in the country of boots has been widely described on social networks, with postcards of the famous woman singing, dancing and expressing affection at karaoke spots going viral. There are also several photos in bikinis.

The artist showed off her most stylish side, showing off a striking pink jumpsuit with cutout details that showed off most of her skin and part of her toned midriff, The gorgeous jewelry on the neck and arms is said to be worth a total of $35,000 People speak Spanish.

But in addition to the luxury and comfort we see him enjoying, internet users are taking note It’s his natural, unretouched looks that have attracted criticism online.

JLo has pictures of rolls and cellulite and they criticize her

In the pictures captured by the paparazzi, JLo looks very smiling, enjoying the sea in the company of friends, in Positanohave time to chat, sunbathe, take a bath.

Easiest Translator on the ground had a great night It was not imagined that his appearance would cause an uproar on social networks and spark a debate.

“As you can see, they are pure filters and pure poses”, “She’s overweight”, “They’re not her best pictures, but Instagram is definitely fake”, “It would look very different without Photoshop”; say their critics.

However, there are also those who, in defense of celebrities, remember that women are real, not perfect, So comparing them to beauty standards or magazine covers is absurd.

“She is a woman who enjoys her body very confidently, everything else is rubbish”, “She looks incredible at 54, I don’t understand the criticism”, “We all have cellulite, it’s time to accept it”; they said.

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