Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are divorcing – Exactly


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce: “Marriage is hopelessly destroyed”

The singer filed for divorce from the actress: “It is in the interests of the children that the parties share parental responsibility”

Joe Jonas, after four years of marriage Sophie Turnerasked divorce from the wife he was with Two daughters.

A divorce petition filed by the singer on September 5 in Miami-Dade County, Florida was received exclusively by the show. Today on NBC. The document states that “the marriage between the parties is hopelessly broken and for the benefit of minor children, that the parties share parental responsibility.” Representatives for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner did not respond to media requests for comment.

Jonas and Turner entered into a prenuptial agreement in April 2019, which the singer asked the court to uphold, the document says. In accordance with Wall Street JournalThe former couple sold their $15 million Miami home in August after it was on the market for months.

News about the discord between the leader of the group Jonas Brothers and actress de Game of Thrones spread in recent days, when it became known that Joe Jonas consulted with divorce lawyers.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner love story
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner they met for the first time in 2016 thanks to mutual friend Hailee Steinfeld and immediately became inseparable.

In 2019, they got married in a double ceremony: first in Las Vegas and then in a Provence castle in France. Their first child was born in July 2020. Villa and in July 2022, a second daughter, whose name they have not yet disclosed.

The news of Sophie Turner’s second pregnancy broke in March of that year, but the actress confirmed the sweet anticipation in May when she appeared with a bulge on the red carpet of the awards ceremony. Met Gala in New York with the singer. Sophie Turner gave an interview after the event Elle UKin which she said, “We are so excited about the family expansion. This is the best blessing in the world.”

The former couple, who rarely shared information about their personal lives in the past, recently posted several photos on social media that prompted fans to avoid their breakup. Joe Jonas On September 4, he shared a photo on Instagram in which the engagement ring is clearly visible, while Sophie Turner On August 14, he posted a picture with the singer at the opening of the tour. Jonas brothers at Yankee Stadium in New York, accompanied by the inscription: “Long Nights in New York.”

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