Johanna Fadul responds to critics of her plastic surgery


The Beijing-based actress is tired of the comments and has delivered a forceful response to those accusing her of physical changes.

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Johanna Fadul is a Bogota actress who has captured the hearts of millions of Colombians.Her stunning beauty and undisputed talent They opened the door for her to participate in great projects on national television such as “Padres e hijos”, “Tu vozestereo” and “Sin senos si hay paraĆ­so”.

Also, the Colombian stands out in the modeling world, being listed as One of the best looking womenWell, her statuesque figure not only attracted the attention of the camera but also many fans, He left him “drooling” more than once.

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Although Fadul is known for being very disciplined about physical activity and diet, Clearly, approaching 40 is stressful for him, and they let him know that with the dramatic changes in his body.

A few weeks ago, the model told her followers that although she always manages to get tagged, Recently her body started to “vomit” and cellulite started to appear.

Faced with this change in her physique, the 37-year-old lady felt uncomfortable. She chose to go into the operating room to remove excess fat from her body and achieve the contours of her abdomen.

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Of course, the actress’ decision caused quite a stir on the Internet, with many netizens reacting and opposing the surgery because They thought Fadul was too thin to need plastic surgery.

In view of the severe criticism received by users,The Colombian woman decided to speak out and responded with a powerful sarcasm to those who questioned her decision.

The way the model responds to viewers who criticize her Here’s a story he co-produced with host Santiago Vargas on Instagramwho sarcastically asked him: “Have you ever had brain surgery?”

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Colombians respond “Obviously there’s nothing more to do with this little body. See if it makes me happy, that’s all that matters, do what you want.”

After this confession, many netizens reacted to the actress’s comments, Praise her for defending herself from criticism from those who blamed her decisions.

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