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Johanna Fadul is one of the most recognized Colombian actresses in the country.With her talent, this lady from Bogotá managed to take part in great projects, among which She is good at playing different roles in soap operas and shows such as “Sin senos si hay paraíso”, “Padres e hijos” and “Mujeres al límite”.

Likewise, she was also known for her extraordinary beauty, which opened the door for her to enter the world of modeling, Positioned himself as one of the most revered figures due to his statuesque stature.

The capital has won a place in the hearts of Colombians not only for its professionalismand attracted the attention and admiration of millions of fansExcellent Responsible for building a community of over 6 million people on Instagramwith whom he shared details of his private life.

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Aesthetic touch-ups by Johanna Fadul

A few days ago, the 37-year-old woman He shared the news of his beauty intervention with fans. Apparently, the Bogota woman was not feeling well with her body, so she decided to undergo surgery.

although the actress She stands out for being an active woman and maintaining constant physical activityFrankly, in many cases he managed to maintain the physique he yearned for, but as he got olderhis body was changing all the time, with certain transformations that he didn’t like.

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“I do it in a lot of these moments, super dry, super streaky, just the way I like it. But, mijos, I’m getting into this age, I don’t know, my body kind of goes astray, I’m starting to look up, Cellulite started showing up and I didn’t like it.”

In view of the changes in the body, Fadul decided to undergo surgery, not only to remove excess body fat, but also to Earn belly markers that allow him to show off his “striped” belly.

After plastic surgery, Bogota He became the perfect target for some internet users to criticize his body and question his self-esteem stance Attempt to spread through social networks.

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“They talk about self love and do things against it? Then they say “girls, love you for who you are…” 🤔 blah blah blah, there’s God, that’s why “influencer” or “content generator” Words are so complicated 👌”, “She has a huge low ego issue – respect, seek professional help”, “Gee, no, she’s skinny and had liposuction 😮”, “She’s the last person she needs… She’s well marked and thin…unnecessary surgery”is the comment of some netizens.

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